What Are the Disadvantages of Bitcoin?

Like any other currency, bitcoin has some disadvantages. Some of these are associated with its digital and decentralized nature. Here are a few others: 1. Popularity Even though bitcoin had its fair share of media […]

Will Stellar Become Mainstream?

Stellar is already mainstream. In October of last year, it partnered with IBM to create a payment system in the South Pacific region. According to the project, 12 banking entities from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, […]

Are Ripple, Nem and Stellar Just Scams?

In most countries, including the US, pump and dumps, Ponzis, and scams send you directly to prison. Have you seen any top executives from Ripple, Stellar, or Nem being charged or verbally accused of any […]

Which Cryptocurrency with a Low Price Has the Potential to Grow like IOTA?

The only certain thing about the cryptocurrency market is that it’s completely unstable and difficult to predict. Can you see the market correction in the above image? The crypto space fell from a total market […]

Is Ripple a Scam?

Ripple is definitely not a scam. It is used by over 100 banks and companies. Ripple might use some ‘scammy’ methods, but the RippleNet product is used by many banks. Check this: The above-displayed banks […]

What Are the Clues That a Cryptocurrency Is a Scam?

The crypto world is a great environment for scams, and that is well-known fact in the cryptocurrency world. Still, many people get scammed regardless of their awareness. Why is that? Well, it could be traced […]

Why is Bitcoin Crashing?

In the beginning of February, the values of cryptocurrencies plunged, following a trend that began at the end of 2017. Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, have lost more than half their […]

What Would Happen If Satoshi Nakamoto Decided to Reveal Himself?

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the founder of Bitcoin. He has said that he is from Japan. That’s all the known information and his identity remains a mystery. In 2014 the media thought they […]

What Factors Affect the Price of Bitcoin and Why Does the Price Vary so Much?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to become mainstream and Bitcoin transactions are happening constantly. 50 million US dollars are transacted every day in Bitcoins There are more than a few factors affecting the price of […]

Whats the Different Between NEO, LTC and BTC?

When trying to decide which cryptocurrencies to invest in, users typically research the qualities of different cryptocurrencies. This is the best way to figure out which currencies fits their needs most. In this post, we […]