You deserve to be Krowned

Relax, you are Krowned

Relax. Beer is flowing, GODL coins plenty, grab a throne, and hang out within the Krowned Castle. You are Krowned. Nothing to worry about. Except for Diamond-Lama, who seems sketchy AF, but you can never tell behind that crystallized gaze.

Forget about the UnKrowned hoards. The inflation ridden crops. Or the Zombie-Horse uprising. Take a pause… Explore hidden chambers, wage war against the Robo-Apes, burn the Peasants, and battle-royale against your fellow aristocrats; the choice is yours.

Krown Your World 👑

You are Krowned

Krown Prime NFT Golden Dog
MidasDog wants to give you a hug

Web 3.0 Ownership

Krown is a community-driven collection comprised of crypto aristocrats. Krown NFTs are made of unique traits such as animals, eyes, fur, clothes, and hats. Each Krown is algorithmically unique and minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Become a Golden Dog, Diamond Lama, or a Nuclear Ape. Choose from a base of five animal types: Ape, Dog, Cat, Horse, and Lama. All Krown NFT holders pertain ownership over their assets and retain the commercial usage right over the respective NFT.


Now that you’ve squashed the UnKrowned-Rebellion, what is left for Krowners to do? Wage war with one another Murder some peasants, or dig up treasures from the “Endless Mines of Salt”.

As a “Krowned Member (₦FT holder)” you’ll be guiding the future of the “Krown Castle”. UnKrowned Members (who do not have a Krown ₦FT) can view the NFT artwork, but cannot participate in any of the activities.

Krown Prime Diamond Lama
DiamondLama is thinking of murder

Krown Traits

A collection of 180 Traits was randomly distributed amongst Krown NFT avatars. Krown Traits are comprised of “Basic” and “Prime” Traits. Basic Traits are randomly distributed across 5,000 Base-NFTs. Prime Traits are only allocated across a limited set of 10 Prime-NFTs.

  • Animal (5)
  • Background (10)
  • Aura (9)
  • Eyes (10)
  • Mouth (20)
  • Fur (25)
  • Clothe (40)
  • Hat (30)
  • Facewear (22)
  • Necklace (9)


We’re a squad of crypto hob-goblins.


Krown aims to create an evolving community: from our contemporary onwards.

  • ₦FT (Gen-1): Original limited edition collection (Ape, Dog, Cat, Horse, and Lama). The 1st-edition collection will remain static and limited
  • Lore: Character Backstories, Worldbuilding, History, etc
  • Discord: Token-Gated
  • Forum: Token-Gated
  • Wiki: World Knowledge Hub
  • ₦FT (Next-Gen): New animals, primes, and traits (Tiger, Elephant, Penguin, Tuna, etc). Personalized NFT designs. Krown will continue to innovate and adapt to the contemporary.
  • Merch Shop: Shirts, Cups, Tote Bags, etc. ₦FT holders pertain the rights to their respective Merch.
  • The journey continues…

Take a Rest

You are Krowned

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is the Brand Called “Krown”?

Everyone deserves to feel like royalty. Krown represents uniqueness, empowerment, and recognition. A chance to be recognized for your true grandness.

What is “Krowned”?

Krowned means you are part of the Krowned Club. Users who hold Krown NFTs are Krowned. The Krown NFT acts both as a collectible and a membership card. Become more Krowned, by obtaining additional NFTs.

What is “UnKrowned”?

UnKrowned means you are not part of the Krowned Club. Users who do not hold a Krown NFT are UnKrowned. You can become Krowned, by obtaining a Krown NFT.

How can I Obtain a “Krown NFT”?

Krown NFTs are available on OpenSea. The NFTs will be first available following the initial Drop Date. Afterward, prospective Krowned Users will need to obtain NFT from peer auctions.

What is the Difference Between a “Category” and a “Trait”

A Category is comprised of larger subjects such as: Animals, Backgrounds, Glasses, etc. Traits are Child-Categories under Parent-Category. For example, the Category is an “Animal” and the “Trait” is (Ape, Dog, Cat, Horse, and Lama).

How Many “Traits” are There?

In Total there are 180 unique Traits. Animal, Background, Aura, Eyes, Mouth, Fur, Clothes, Hat, and Glasses Traits will be combined in various generative manners, to create 5,000 unique Krown NFT Characters.

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