Krown Your World

Get Krowned: Join the Club Now!!

You deserve to be Krowned. Be recognized for your true grandness: as a Contrarian, Hacker, and a Punk. Relax and get a Krown. Join the Club; You are at the Beginning. Be Krowned.

The Krown collection is comprised of 3,010 limited-edition NFTs. Krown NFTs act as a membership. As a Krowned member (NFT holder) you’ll join an exclusive club of rare art collectors, meet like-minded cypherpunks, and gain a superverse persona across (Twitter/Discord/Reddit). Krown Your World.

UnKrowned Users, who do not have a Krown NFT, can view the NFT artwork, but cannot access any of the above features.

You are Krowned

You deserve to be Krowned. Become a Golden-Dog, Diamond Lama, or a Nuclear Ape. Choose from a base of five animal types: Ape, Dog, Cat, Horse, and Lama.

Krown is here for you. All Krown NFT holders pertain ownership over their assets and retain the commercial usage right over the respective NFT.


A collection of 180 Traits randomly distributed amongst Krown NFT avatars. Krown Traits are comprised of “Basic” and “Prime” Traits. Basic Traits are randomly distributed across 3,000 Base-NFTs. Prime Traits are only allocated across a limited set of 10 Prime-NFTs.

  • Animal (5)
  • Background (10)
  • Aura (9)
  • Eyes (10)
  • Mouth (20)
  • Fur (25)
  • Clothe (40)
  • Hat (30)
  • Facewear (22)
  • Necklace (9)

NFT Airdrop Event

Win 100 NFTs! To commemorate the launch of Krown NFTs, we’ve prepared an NFT Airdrop Event. All you have to do is Like, Share, Comment! Participate in Airdrop event via the following channels: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Discord. Total 100 NFT Prize-Pool will be split amongst the above social channel participants.

※ Posts must remain public. Deleted hidden content will be excluded. Winners will be contacted via “Direct-Message(DM)”. Please don’t post your wallet address, make sure to keep your messages open, and check your inbox)[Full details in terms and conditions]


ReTweet, Like, and Tag your friends. You can increase your chances of winning with additional Replies, where you Tag +3 of your Friends; repeatable action.


Like, Share, and Comment. You can increase your chances of winning with additional Shares.


Upvote and Leave a Comment. Increase your chances by leaving additional relevant comments (ie. Website –, Discord –, feedback, an image of your favorite Krown NFT, etc). Event will proceed on multiple Subreddit threads.
– Upvote the Post (▲)
– Leave a relevant Comment (💬)


All you have to do is join the Krown DIscord ( and be an active member. Winners will be selected following the Initial-NFT-Auction.

Krown NFT Metaverse Discord


We’re a squad of crypto hob-goblins.


Krown aims to create an infinite community. From our socially connected contemporary. To the immersive Metaverse onward.

  • Series–1: Original limited edition collection (Ape, Dog, Cat, Horse, and Lama). The 1st-edition collection will remain static and limited.
  • Next–Gen: New animals, primes, and traits (Tiger, Elephant, Penguin, Tuna, etc). Personalized NFT designs. Krown will continue to innovate and adapt to the contemporary.
  • Merch Shop: Shirts, Cups, Tote Bags, etc
  • 3D Models: Airdropped to users holding Krown NFTs. Designed for upcoming Metaworld. Krown will be there.
  • More to Come: Become Crypto Royalty. We’re Building a Krown Kingdom.

Take a Rest

You are Krowned

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is the Brand Called “Krown”?

Everyone deserves to feel like royalty. Krown represents uniqueness, empowerment, and recognition. A chance to be recognized for your true grandness.

What is “Krowned”?

Krowned means you are part of the Krowned Club. Users who hold Krown NFTs are Krowned. The Krown NFT acts both as a collectable and a membership card. Become more Krowned, by obtaining additional NFTs.

What is “UnKrowned”?

UnKrowned means you are not part of the Krowned Club. Users who do not hold a Krown NFT are UnKrowned. You can become Krowned, by obtaining a Krown NFT.

How can I Obtain a “Krown NFT”?

Krown NFTs are available on OpenSea. The NFTs will be first available following the initial Drop Date. Afterwards, prospective Krowned Users will need to obtain NFT from peer auctions.

What is the Difference Between a “Category” and a “Trait”

Category are comprised of a larger subjects such as: Animals, Background, Glasses, Necklace, etc. Traits are Child-Categories under Parent-Category. For example, the Category is a “Animal” and the “Trait” is (Ape, Dog, Cat, Horse, and Lama).

How Many “Traits” are There?

In Total there are 180 unique Traits. Animal, Background, Aura, Eyes, Mouth, Fur, Clothe, Hat, Facewear, and Necklace Traits will be combined in various generative manners, to create 3,010 unique Krown NFT Characters.

What is a “Pact” and “Dohl” Mouth Traits?

As each animal has a different mouth location, there are two types of mouth-traits to cater to the different mouth-placements. “Pact” are used on Cats and Apes (‘Cat’ & ‘Ap’e Acronym). “Dohl” are used on Dogs, Horses, and Lamas (‘Do’g & ‘H’orse & ‘L’ama Acronym).


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