What are Some Mind-Blowing Facts About Bitcoin?

Well, “mind-blowing” may be relative, but here are some facts related to Bitcoin: On May 22, 2010, a developer from Florida bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins, which was around $25 at that time. A […]

Can Ethereum Ever Worth More Than Bitcoin?

Yes. When it comes to the intrinsic value of Ethereum, in many ways it is already much greater than Bitcoin. It is quite simple. Ethereum network is based on am advanced concept comparing to Bitcoin. […]

Is It Possible to Make Fake Bitcoins?

Fake Bitcoins? Yes – it’s easy. Here are 3 simple steps of one of the methods: Print this image on a paper Then cut the logo with the scissors; Finally, you can stick it to […]

How can Mass Adoption of Bitcoin be Achieved?

There are several important factors concerning the Bitcoin adoption in the foreseeable future. To begin with, Bitcoin adoption, like every new technology adoption process, has to push some barriers. There are several population groups that […]

What is a Quick Explanation of Blockchain?

Basically, blockchain ledger contains continous lists of records which are secured by the methods of cryptography. These lists of records are called blocks. It is called blockchain because every block has a link to the […]

Which Cryptocurrency can You Mine in 2017?

You can earn money mining every cryptocurrency, it only depends on how much money and how would you mine. Bitcoin is still an option since the cloud mining can offer decent profit with less effort. […]

How can Bitcoin be Hacked?

I don’t have deep understanding of the technical side of blockchain programming, but the concept of Bitcoin’s blockchain is simple – it is a distributed ledger that is located in multiple places simultaneously. It means […]

Will the Cancellation of SegWit2x Fork Cause Massive Bitcoin Sell Off?

Yes – there has already been recorded a massive sell off until now (Nov 10), the second day after the cancellation. Today, Bitcoin has fallen over 9.2%, which is a huge decline – from $7,123 […]

What are the Chances of Becoming a Bitcoin Millionaire?

Chances are very big – for example, if you invested $500,000 in Bitcoin in mid-September 2017 at $3300-$3500, then you would become a millionaire within six weeks, as the price more than doubled. If you […]

Which Exchange is Better for Day Trading, Poloniex or Bitfinex?

It is rather difficult question to answer since both the Poloniex and Bitfinex have their own flaws and advantages. Nevertheless, important thing is what is better for a person in question, since it depends on […]