Why Might Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies Disrupt the Financial Sector?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way people store and transact currency. Traditional currencies are controlled and transacted using a bank as a middleman. The main feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are decentralized, […]

How Do You Earn Cryptocurrencies?

There are many ways to earn cryptocurrencies but with most of the ways, the income is really small. Two ways people can make a really good profit are trading coins and mining coins. The first […]

Is Bitcoin a Con or Can You Make Money Investing in It?

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Which Cryptocurrency with an Under 20m Market Cap Might Reach the Top 20?

This is kind of like asking which company with an under $20M market cap can enter the same league as Apple, Microsoft, JPMorgan and IBM. No one knows the answer to this type of questions, […]

Why Are Cryptocurrency Values Dropping?

Currently, prices aren’t necessarily dropping but there has been a recent crypto market correction. The crypto market tends to drop when there is negative press or news about governmental regulations involving cryptocurrencies. In a situation […]

Which Cryptocurrency Is a Good Investment in 2018?

Even though 2018 started with a big market correction, it will be an amazing year for the cryptocurrency market. Some people might think that we’re going through the burst of a bubble, just like the […]

Which Cryptocurrency Under $1 Has the Most Potential?

To start off here’s the list of the coins under $1 with the largest market capitalization: Cardano, Stellar, NEM, TRON, Verge, ByteCoin, Siacoin, U.Cash, Status, Dogecoin, and BitShares. Note that sometimes Tether’s USDT may drop […]

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Most Likely Being Manipulated by Scammers?

In today’s world, it’s all about marketing and branding. Good marketing can make a bad product sell well and vice versa. That is also the case in the cryptocurrency world. Because of this, there is […]

What Will Be the Future Impact of Bitcoin?

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How Is Bitcoin’s Future Value Calculated?

Analysts use different models based on certain assumptions to calculate the possible future value of Bitcoin. Depending on the assumptions they choose, and the general likelihood of the model they make, the more success they’ll […]