Telegram TRX Airdrop

  1. Join the @krownios Telegram Group chat
  2. Message the “Tunabot” Chatbot @tuna_bot (1:1 Privately), NOT in the group chat
  3. Register your TRX-Wallet with Tunabot (this is so the TRX airdrops go directly to your wallet)
  4. Return to the Telegram Group (@krownios) and be an active member
  5. Tunabot will randomly select Active users for the TRX Jackpot

※ Spam, 3rd Party URLs, Referral Links, Offensive Comments, etc will lead to being Banned

1. Begin your journey by clicking on the “START” button

※ If you don’t see any button, please type in “/start” yourself

※ Please do NOT type “@tuna_bot” in the main group chat. Nothing is going to happen. To start the process, you must message “@tuna_bot” privately (1:1)
2. If you see a different language, please select the “Language” button, then choose “English“.
3. Click on the “Wallet” button.
4. Choose the “TRON (TRX)” blockchain
5. Click on the “Address” button
6. You need to register your “Tron(TRX) Wallet” to Tunabot(Chatbot). Registration is in order for “TRX Jackpots” to be directly deposited to your TRX Wallet

※ If you did not update your wallet address, all received TRX will be sent to the “Default Tunabot TRX Recipient Wallet Address”, which can be retrieved later on.
6.1 Type the following:/wallet_tron_your TRX wallet address

Example: /wallet tron Tabc123abc123abc123abc123abc123

_” = Space
6.2 You will get a confirmation message of the changed address
7. Please check to make sure your “Receive Address (Recipient)” has been updated, when you click on the “Address” button
8. The Tunabot Airdrop setup is complete. Please return to the Krown Telegram Group and be an Active participant to receive TRX Airdrops.