Bounty Event

The Krown “Power Bounty” begins. Users with the highest “Hash Power” mines Bitcoin. Users with the highest “Krown Power” receive an airdrop reward. Share and get Points to increase your “Power Rank”. Users with higher Points, receive higher rewards. Make sure you aren’t pushed out of the Event Ranking. Fight for the Krown!

Rewards (35,000 DOGE)

Users with the highest points receive higher rewards. The distribution of rewards will conduct within 2 weeks after the event period concludes. Make sure to add your token-address in your profile page.

  • 1st Place (1 Winner): 10,000 DOGE
  • 2nd Place (2 Winners): 4,000 DOGE
  • 3rd Place (3 Winners): 3,000 DOGE
  • 4th Place (4 Winners): 1,500 DOGE
  • 5th Place (5 Winners): DOGE
  • 6th Place (6 Winners): DOGE
  • 7th Place (7 Winners): DOGE
  • 8th Place (8 Winners): DOGE
  • 9th Place (9 Winners): DOGE
  • 10th Place (10 Winners): DOGE

Bounty Campaigns

Start by getting (10 Points) for Registering. You can also gain points by simply visiting the website, submitting links, sharing content, and inviting friends.

Bounty Rank

Check your current rank here. Make sure you don’t get pushed out of the top position. HIgher ranks receive higher rewards. Only Points accumulated during the event timeframe will be accounted for in the Power Event, giving every user an equal playing field.