Month: December 2017

Why Is the Bitcoin Price Going Down?

This post relates to the Bitcoin price decline of Friday, December 22, 2017. According to Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin’s quotation peaked on Thursday December 21 at around $17,380.00, and it fell from there to Friday’s low of $12,009.00. […]

Should You Invest in Bitcoin When the Value Is Down?

Yes – the best time to invest in Bitcoin is when this decision is supported by strong fundamental data (favorable news like CME and CBOE starting Bitcoin futures trading and so on). When we speak […]

Is Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable?

Under some conditions and to some extent, yes, but generally speaking no. Traditional home mining rigs are out of the question when it comes to Bitcoin. To mine one Bitcoin from home would take an […]

Will Ripple Reach $100 or More in the Next Year?

As with every cryptocurrency, it is very hard to predict the fluctuation in prices. Nevertheless, Ripple kept growing through five major leaps where its price multiplied over a short period of time. Although Ripple has […]

What Can Cause a Bitcoin Crash or Drastic Price Change?

It is rather difficult to determine whether something different would cause a crash, soar or fall in price, but most would agree that there would be no difference. Price is determined by the rules of […]

Is It Too Late to Invest in Bitcoin?

You’re definitely not too late to buy Bitcoin. There are so many exchanges that can help you with this and that are working hard to offer their clients all the necessary conditions to purchase Bitcoin […]

Why Hasn’t Warren Buffett Invested in Any Cryptocurrencies?

First of all, you should know that Warren Buffett only invests in assets that he understands very well. Even if he knows about Bitcoin, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he has a deep understanding of […]

How Do Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Work?

The Bitcoin network, in general, operates similarly to centralized monetary institutions. Still, there are some big differences. The biggest difference is in the fact that there is no central authority that verifies transactions. That’s not […]

What’s the Difference Between Ethereum Blockchain and Bitcoin Blockchain?

The main difference is in the concept. The Bitcoin is designed to become an online method of payment and currency in a strict meaning of that word. The Bitcoin is something invented for people to […]

What Will Happen After the 21 Millionth Bitcoin Is Mined?

There are multiple possible scenarios. It can either go well or poorly, the main determining factor being the hardware the network relies on. Miners generally only exist for profit. Once every Bitcoin is mined, the […]