Month: October 2017

Is Ethereum in a Bubble?

As of today, end of October 2017, Ethereum is no way in a bubble for me. ETH price has had a price surge that lasted from $18 April 2017 to almost $370 in June 2017. […]

Which Wallet can Store All the Top Cryptocurrencies?

There are several quite safe options when it comes to choosing a hardware wallet. You can pick from a variety anyone you like, but for me, there are two hardware wallets that you should take […]

What will Ethereum be Worth in 2018?

It is impossible to predict the price of Ethereum in 2018, I mean for the whole year. If you ask what the price will be in January 2018, then I would say it should keep […]

What are the Biggest Threats to Bitcoin?

Biggest threat to Bitcoin, globally, is certainly the way people react to new things. Many of the great technological breakthroughs were diminished through history. People are afraid of the unknown. Bitcoin is on a good […]

What are the Different Ways to Invest with Bitcoin?

There are various ways of investing in Bitcoin, some of them are safe and slow-earning, and some of them are risky and can help you generate big profit. It is pretty similar with all cryptocurrencies […]

How is Ripple Different From Bitcoin?

Well, there are many differences between Ripple and Bitcoin. Here are the most important ones: Bitcoin is a decentralized system that is not owned by any government, bank or third party despite being initiated by […]

How to Start Bitcoin Lending in India?

Bitcoin lending or borrowing is a relatively new concept that can help you achieve mutual interest with the person you interact with. It is quite similar to regular banking – BTC lending platforms match you […]

How to Multiply Bitcoins?

Multiply Bitcoins? Well, there are more ways you can do it. Buying Bitcoin – converting your fiat money to Bitcoin is probably the easiest and most accessible way you can multiply your Bitcoin. First of all, […]

When Will Ripple Make You Rich?

Do you have a contract with them? 🙂 As of today, Ripple keeps at 20 cents and it seems that it is not really trending, which means you should focus on the long-term rather than […]

What is the Most Anonymous and Private Cryptocurrency?

In the following years there has been a burst of alternative cryptocurrencies. That gave people opportunity to find private and anonymous cryptocurrency much easier than before. Nevertheless, when considering privacy of the cryptocurrency you should […]