Month: September 2017

Is Coinbase a Good Exchange?

Coinbase is at least a decent exchange when you consider their huge client base. However, it does not mean other exchanges cannot boast the same or even better features. Let’s compare Coinbase to some of […]

Should I Invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is definitely a great investment option, and here is why: It’s the first, most popular and still most important cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s market share is almost 50%. Considering that there are over 1000 coins out […]

Will Bitcoin Rise to $50,000 in the Next Few Years?

I think that Bitcoin can reach that target – I mean it has this potential at least in theory. However, it does not mean that this is exactly what is to happen. No-one knows the […]

Which Cheap Cryptocurrency Under $1 has Huge Potential?

Here are two of them: IOTA IOTA is a coin created for the Internet of Things. Today, it costs $0.5413, but it has a great potential to grow. Here are IOTA’s advantages and forte points: […]

Cryptocurrency with the Highest Mining Profitability

According to the the highest profits could be acquired from mining the following cryptocurrencies: Zclassic(ZCL) – with current profitability of 177 percent and a 7-day profitability of 260 percent Zcash (ZEC) – with current […]

What Happens if Someone with 100,000 Bitcoin Dies?

Let’s take note of the variables and constants in this scenario. Amount of Bitcoins in the network (supply) is constant since the cap is placed at 21 Million Bitcoins. Demand is a variable. Death of […]

How Mining Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin mining is completely legal, but be careful because authorities in many countries are still not familiar with the technology. How does mining work? People are sending Bitcoin over the network all the time, but […]

Why Bitcoin is so Valuable

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency. It’s completely decentralized, meaning that no one controls it. Bitcoins (BTC) aren’t printed and don’t exist in physical form like dollars or euros – people produce them by […]

How Blockchain Benefits Security

Blockchain is a data structure that enables the creation of a digital ledger of transactions and shares it within a distributed network of computers. It utilizes cryptography to allow each participant on the network to […]

The Impact on the Bitcoin Economy When You Lose Your Bitcoin Wallet

In short-term – nothing. Long term impact exists, especially if we observe huge number of cases and not each one individually. So, what happens? Let’s start with facts: Number of Bitcoins is limited to 21 […]