Month: April 2017

Why Bitcoin is Used for Illegal Activities

Bitcoin allows an individual to make multiple addresses through which they may facilitate transactions on a large scale. One person may create numerous address and wallets which aren’t even required to be linked to each […]

What Is the Best Bitcoin Mobile Wallet?

There are numerous mobile wallet providers for transacting Bitcoin. Most of the Mobile wallets seen on Play Store or Itunes are products of Exchanges or companies that offer Bitcoin-related services. It is recommended that one […]

How Much Money did the Founder of Bitcoin Make?

The founder of Bitcoin is known as Satoshi Nakamoto on Internet, but his true identity is quite unknown in reality. For all we know, Satoshi Nakamoto could be anyone in the whole Wide World behind […]

Debunking the Myth – Using an Old Computer for Bitcoin Mining

In theory, it’s possible to mine Bitcoins with an old computer, but it wouldn’t be profitable. If you’re looking to mine for Bitcoins you need to invest into equipment. Of course, equipment isn’t cheap. If […]

How to Build a Mining Rig for Altcoins

For mining altcoins, you usually need GPU mining rig. Before I proceed: Warning – equipment can cost you a lot, depending on how fast you want your system to run. If you want to mine […]

Where to Exchange Large Quantities of Bitcoin

There are many good exchanges with strong liquidity. Below there’s a list of trading platforms that could help you buy or sell a high amount of Bitcoin. Here’s what I found after some research: BitStamp […]

How and Where to Get Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are released within the network and are solely monitored based on transactions embedded within the blockchain. Bitcoins cannot be made or created externally for it will not be recognized within the blockchain and what’s […]

How to Buy Bitcoin in China

You can buy Bitcoins in the following Chinese exchanges: 1. Huobi Huobi was one of the “Big Three” exchanges in the world, and it claims to have reached a record amount of 380,000 BTC traded […]

Best Alternatives to Bitcoin Mining

According to the the highest profits could be acquired from mining the following cryptocurrencies: Zclassic(ZCL) – with current profitability of 177 percent and a 7-day profitability of 260 percent Zcash (ZEC) – with current […]

5 Types of Blockchain Simulators

By a “Blockchain Simulator” if you mean a test environment where you can test different methods prior to executing them on a live blockchain where its impacts bear large-scale effects by trial and error, then […]