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Will Stellar Become Mainstream?

Stellar is already mainstream. In October of last year, it partnered with IBM to create a payment system in the South Pacific region. According to the project, 12 banking entities from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, […]


Are Ripple, Nem and Stellar Just Scams?

In most countries, including the US, pump and dumps, Ponzis, and scams send you directly to prison. Have you seen any top executives from Ripple, Stellar, or Nem being charged or verbally accused of any […]

What Factors Affect the Price of Bitcoin and Why Does the Price Vary so Much?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to become mainstream and Bitcoin transactions are happening constantly. 50 million US dollars are transacted every day in Bitcoins There are more than a few factors affecting the price of […]

How Would Shorting Bitcoin Work?

Due to Bitcoin’s volatility shorting Bitcoin is a very risky but possibly very profitable move. There are several ways in which you can profit from this. The simplest and most intuitive type of short is […]

Can Ripple Reach $10?

Yes! In theory, Ripple can get even higher than that. The important thing for it is to keep the demand at a decent level. See the chart below: Ripple started 2017 at $0.006 and it’s […]

How Do You Gain or Lose Profit With Bitcoin?

Making a profit from Bitcoin has taken several different forms since Bitcoin became more popular. There are a few more common ways to earn with Bitcoin which are also the best ways but also the […]

Should You Invest in Bitcoin When the Value Is Down?

Yes – the best time to invest in Bitcoin is when this decision is supported by strong fundamental data (favorable news like CME and CBOE starting Bitcoin futures trading and so on). When we speak […]

If Cryptocurrencies Are Legitimate Why Aren’t Governments Adopting Them Globally?

It is quite obvious now that cryptocurrencies are not a bubble. The Bitcoin started almost ten years ago and no bubble lasts for ten years. It is certain that cryptocurrencies offer a legitimate service to […]

Why You Should Ignore the Cryptocurrency Trading Troll Box

Well, there a few good reasons to ignore troll boxes on exchanges. If you pay attention to trollbox, the first thing you’ll get is a constant live feed of edgy traders’ banter. Then there are […]

Is Coinbase a Good Exchange?

Coinbase is at least a decent exchange when you consider their huge client base. However, it does not mean other exchanges cannot boast the same or even better features. Let’s compare Coinbase to some of […]