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Is it Legal to Sell Large Amounts of Premined Cryptocurrency?

Yes. There is no legally binding document that prevents two people from engaging in the voluntary trade of assets for a price, as long as taxes are paid. Bitcoin underwent a similar situation.Majority of Bitcoin was […]

How Reliable are Bitcoin Transactions?

The mechanism behind Bitcoin’s reliability is quite simple. Since entire Bitcoin network is a decentralized system, there is no chance for the complete breakdown. There is no chance for all blocks to stop. So, what […]

How to Safely Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Is it safe in which way? Short-term, long-term? Safe as not illegal? Safe as secure from hackers? Since I don’t know what you meant I’ll answer on all of these questions. Investing in Bitcoins always […]

Possibilities of Bitcoin Deficit

There is no chance for Bitcoin deficit. Let’s start with facts: Number of Bitcoins is limited to 21 million (currently we have almost 17 million mined and in circulation) Every day, certain number of Bitcoins […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Poloniex over Coinbase

I’ll compare them by some of the most important features. Liquidity: Both Poloniex and Coinbase have high trading volumes. Number of trading pairs: Poloniex offer 80+ tradeable coins, and the majority has good liquidity. Coinbase […]

Do You have to be Online to Receive Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is transferred after initiation from the sender of the transaction through the internet. The sender isn’t required to be connected to the internet to sign the transaction, but he is required to be connected to […]

Top 5 Coinbase Alternatives

Being one of the largest exchanges of Bitcoin, Coinbase offers many advantages for its users. But, through the years, Coinbase started to act like traditional banks, which repelled many users. Besides having higher fees, Coinbase […]

Top 3 Bitcoin Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are very similar to online wallets, but are supported by mobile devices. Full BTC client can’t be run on the mobile device, so Simplified Payment Verification is utilized instead. This brings the security […]

Do You Lose Money When Transferring Bitcoin?

When transferring assets, money, goods or rendering a service, there almost always is a fee to uphold the standards of the economic scenario. Financial Institutions charge a fee every time money is moved from one […]

How to Buy, Use, and Profit from Bitcoin

Bitcoin transaction fees are minimal, especially in comparison to regular credit cards and banks. Also, the global economy is unstable, while Bitcoin is mostly independent of that sort of oscillations. Either way, it’s useful to […]