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Does Ethereum Has More Intrinsic Value Than Bitcoin?

It is quite difficult to determine which of them has “more intrinsic value” since both of the cryptos mentioned have their own up and downsides. Still, both of the mentioned have great intrinsic value that […]

How will Chinese Ban on ICOs Effect the Future of the Cryptocurrency Industry?

There is no immediate threat for the future of Bitcoin concering recent Bitcoin ban by China government. There is more than just one reason for that. At first, Bitcoin is stateless and almost every year […]

Will Bitcoin Crash Again?

Yes, I’m sure it will crash, in 100 years we will surely have another form of currency – maybe two or three times more efficient and innovative than Bitcoin. However, if you refer to the […]

Is Bitcoin Going to Split Again?

Well, Bitcoin will remain the same as it was – in November we will have a hard fork, called Segwit2X or Bitcoin2X, and during this hard fork, a new blockchain and cryptocurrency will be formed. […]

Which Cryptocurrency is Likely to Explode Next?

Bitcoin2x – this is the cryptocurrency that I think has the potential to explode next. This cryptocoin should be created after the hard fork in Bitcoin, known as Segwit2x, which aims to increase the space […]

Did Satoshi Nakamoto Create Bitcoin Single-Handedly?

To begin with, Satoshi Nakamoto, individual or a group of individuals behind that alias did not created Bitcoin single-handedly. Yes, Satoshi Nakamoto did open white paper and brought the concept of free digital currency to […]

Which Altcoins Besides Bitcoin have the Best Potential to Rise?

Since the boom of the Bitcoin everyone is trying to find next big hit. It is rather difficult since the market is flooded with cryptocurrencies without any background, popularly known as “scamcoins”. Newest trend when […]

Why was Bitcoin Made?

In the beginnings people used to pay each other in gold or silver. Gold and silver were quite heavy and inadequate to manipulate with. Then, society came to a new age – people started printing […]

How Many Bitcoins are Currently in Circulation?

At the moment of writing, on October 30, 2017, the Bitcoin supply is 16,654,762 BTC. Note that the maximum supply limit of Bitcoin is 21 million. However, it may happen that these conditions may change […]

Which is the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?

There are already good answers here that gave detailed info about popular names like Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, and more. I’ve also compared Coinbase with some reputable exchanges here: Min Park’s answer to Is Coinbase a good […]