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Why Has No One Been Able to Hack Bitcoin?

No one has been able to hack Bitcoin because of its advanced blockchain technology. Yes, there have been many instances of theft, but mostly because of the lack of the precaution by the owners, problems […]

What Are Bitcoin’s Greatest Limitations?

There are several big limitations when it comes to the future of the Bitcoin network. These limitations mostly concern the currency’s high transaction time, lower than ideal adoption rates and similar issues including potential legal […]

How Did Bitcoin Keep Crashing and Making Comebacks Over the Years?

It’s quite well known that the Bitcoin market has a very volatile nature and the reason it is so volatile is mostly because of it being such a young concept. The Bitcoin market is similar […]

Is Litecoin a Worthy Investment and Will It Ever Climb to Bitcoin’s Level?

Bitcoin came well before Litecoin’s time and because of this, it has a great advantage over alternative cryptocurrencies. It is hard to believe that someday Bitcoin could lose its number one position in the crypto […]

Is Bitcoin a Speculative Bubble and a Risky Investment?

First of all, Bitcoin can’t be a bubble since it’s lasted for almost ten years now. When something is referred to as a bubble it means that it grows fast, but also collapses very quickly. […]

Did I Miss the Boat Investing in Bitcoin?

The boat is always there, the only thing that differs with time is how far that boat is going to take you. The Bitcoin market is a very volatile market and that creates many opportunities […]

Is It Too Late to Start Mining Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

For Bitcoin, things are quite difficult since the traditional mining concept is no longer profitable. It would take too much time to mine Bitcoin, especially with the standard home mining rigs that are now common. […]

Will Mainstream Popularity Increase the Price of Bitcoin?

The key to the final success of Bitcoin is it becoming globally adopted. Bitcoin has come a long way when it comes to global adoption, yet it will be difficult to get the most conservative […]

Why is Bitcoin Made of Blockchain and What is the Purpose of a Block?

Blockchain technology is the prime reason for the Bitcoin revolution. Before Bitcoin there were several failed attempts to create a digital currency. The key issue has always been “how to prevent users from duplicating the […]

Which is a Better Investment, ICOs or Bitcoin?

When it comes to solely investing in one of the above-mentioned, it is difficult to determine which one is a better investment. Initial Coin Offering, (“ICO”), is a new trend on the cryptocurrency market. The […]