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What is the Future of Cryptocurrency?

For the beginning, we should be confident that cryptocurrencies are here to stay no matter what. They will continue to exist as soon as the internet is there – and we know that we cannot […]

Are Cryptocurrencies in a Bubble?

Well, as of today – mid-September 2018 – cryptocurrencies are not in a bubble. However, back in 2017, the market was in a state that many investors and participants would call a bubble. If it […]

Bitcoin Heading Towards a Bull Market?

August 2018 was one of the worst months for the cryptocurrency market even though Bitcoin hasn’t updated its year-to-date low yet. During bearish trends like this, it is always a great time to invest. Bitcoin, together […]

Is Bitcoin Real or Fake?

What do you mean? Imagine browsing through some electronic devices on Amazon – in order to buy there, you’d have to make a money transfer whether you want to pay with PayPal or your Visa/MasterCard. […]