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How to Find a New Cryptocurrency Startup?

Finding a perspective startup can be a hard task, I agree. Most of the startups never reach their goal, but the ones that do sure make substantial profits for the investors. There are many “experts” […]

Why should I Invest in Golem (GNT)?

There are several important things to keep in mind when you choose to invest in any cryptocurrency. First, you need to seek longevity. What does that mean? Well, it is wiser to choose a currency […]

Which is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in Long Term?

Look, in the medium-term, there are many relatively new cryptocurrencies that can reach astronomical returns, but none of them induce total confidence. Bitcoin should be the choice. Why? Despite the fact that Bitcoin cannot double […]

Which Cryptocurrency is the Best to Invest, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum?

When it comes to the three cryptocurrencies mentioned above, all of them are represent a good choice for investment. Bitcoin and Litecoin function primarily as a currency, while Ethereum has the strongest potential for distributed […]

Will XRP (Ripple) Become as Popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Well, Ripple is in the top 3 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Also, when it comes to the Ripple price, the numbers are all rather positive so far, which is great. First, there are the huge […]

Which Cheap Cryptocurrency Under $1 has Huge Potential?

Here are two of them: IOTA IOTA is a coin created for the Internet of Things. Today, it costs $0.5413, but it has a great potential to grow. Here are IOTA’s advantages and forte points: […]

Cryptocurrency with the Highest Mining Profitability

According to the the highest profits could be acquired from mining the following cryptocurrencies: Zclassic(ZCL) – with current profitability of 177 percent and a 7-day profitability of 260 percent Zcash (ZEC) – with current […]

How to Choose Cryptocurrencies for Your Portfolio

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not always a guarantee of profit. In a broader sense, cryptocurrencies are not the place for investments in the traditional way, but a way to exchange value. Of course, there are […]

Top 4 Cryptocurrencies with Low Market Caps

Below is the list of the most promising cryptocurrencies that are not in top 15 by their market cap: Steem Steem is a cryptocurrency used on a platform called SteemIt. The platform is a sort […]

How do Scamcoin Creators Get Money?

Scam Coins creators make money by adding value their scam coin and eventually when demand for it increases, they have an option to literally do as they wish. Scam operators usually operate in two ways: […]