Rewards (1,000 XRP)

Users with higher Points receive higher rewards. Share and get Points to increase your Rank. Make sure you aren’t pushed out of the Event Ranking. Fight for the Krown!

  • Top 1 Winner: 250 XRP
  • Top 10 Winners: 50 XRP
  • Top 100 Winners: 5 XRP

Campaigns (Earn Points)

Start by getting (10 Points) for Registering. You can also gain points by simply visiting the website, submitting links, sharing content, and inviting friends.

Bounty Rank (Check Current Rank)

Check your current rank here. Make sure you don’t get pushed out of the top position. HIgher ranks receive higher rewards. Only Points accumulated during the event timeframe will be accounted for in the Power Event, giving every user an equal playing field.

1 Min Park 169
2 ninaisabel1987 98
3 akash1023 39
4 fuhasaah 34
5 Wiahfulthinking 33
6 bivelisses98 32
7 Africa 32
8 isabella aria 28
9 sahilgoyal1 25
10 Bloodsweatbeers 24
11 roshan 18
12 Juliemitts 17
13 cryptoexchangescripts 17
14 steffie 15
15 loosspoosss 15

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