About Krown

Krown is a decentralized blockchain media company. We aim to become the largest blockchain media in existence. We are not confined to a single office building. We are decentralized. All of our journalists are spread across the globe, publishing the latest blockchain news wherever it may occur. The decentralized nature of Krown allows our journalist base to flexibly expand while being more immutable to local politics.

Hash Forum

Similar to the seemingly random assortment of characters that make up a “Hash Signature”. The “Hash Forum” aggregates a random assortment of articles and ranks according to importance.

Power Bounty

Users with the highest “Hash Power” mines Bitcoin. Users with the highest “Krown Power” receive an airdrop reward. Share and get Points to increase your “Power Rank”. Users with higher Points, receive higher rewards. Make sure you aren’t pushed out of the Event Ranking. Fight for the Krown!