How to Find the Best ICO to Invest In (Infographic)

Initial coin offerings (ICO) are still fresh from the oven, the first instance of an ICO being recorded in 2013. It has had very little time to grow and stabilise (as seen in its somewhat turbulent track record involving a number of scams and frauds), but it has already seen some serious financial turnoutit has raised billions of US dollars at this point.

People are certainly noticing this kind of activity, and many are looking to get in on the action. Most, however, may be in two minds about which ICO to invest in and if said money will be safe.

There are plenty of ICOs to go around, that much is sure. There are hundreds of options to choose from. But there is only so much cash one can invest, and the right question to ask is: How does one find the best ICO to put money in? And, perhaps more importantly, is it safe to invest in any ICO at all?

Controversy is no stranger to ICOs, since there have been cases of foul play, resulting in millions of dollars disappearing without a trace. Naturally, this makes potential investors give a second thought to entrusting their money to an ICO.

A healthy dose of skepticism is good to keep, so staying informed about ICOs (in general and any one specifically) is a good way to ensure, at the very least, partial safety from some sort of theft or other illegal activity. Beyond that, both newcomers and seasoned veterans to the ICO investment scene have to rely on the old adage that knowledge is power.

Before putting her money down, an investor’s priority should always be to feel out the situation. She needs to be aware of all the necessary particulars, starting from the groundwork nitty-gritty of the topic, all the way to the seemingly minor variables and minutia.

This is where the following infographic comes in. It provides information about all the things people need to know on ICOs, such as the advantages and drawbacks of ICOs, their history of successes and setbacks, which ICOs are at the top, and much more.

It’s a terrific treasure trove of crucial information that any would-be investor should know by heart.

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