How to Find a New Cryptocurrency Startup?

Finding a perspective startup can be a hard task, I agree. Most of the startups never reach their goal, but the ones that do sure make substantial profits for the investors. There are many “experts” that offer market predictions online, but they usually cannot be trusted.

There are a couple of places online where you can find solid information about current state and development possibilities of the cryptocurrency startups. And you can do it all by yourself.

I would suggest getting your attention to so-called ICOs – Initial Coin Offerings, made by the companies to gather funds. Below are a few useful websites related to ICOs.

Ambisafe is the Ethereum based platform that offers financial instruments that can provide you with enough information to choose investments wisely.

ICOrating is a Russian-based platform that can provide you with analytical information on blockchain companies that plan initial coin offering. Essential service they offer is based on standardization of key indicators when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency startups.

On this website you can get information you need about blockchain startups. ICOrating team use indicators that can provide you enough information, mostly based on risk assesment and investment potential, besides that, there is an indicator of market hype – based on potential investors interest, measured in several key instruments.

The Tokener recently published a list of ICO’s, so basically, it is a website that offers you a chance to give your ICO maximum exposure. List of available startups for investments through The Tokener can be reviewed here. Also, the Tokener gives you an opportunity to keep in touch with the latest information on blockchain-startups that are available for ICO, if you want to subscribe to their newsletter. That way you can get info on latest announcements, and other materials that can expand your knowledge on early investing in cryptocurrencies.

So, I would suggest starting with ICOs, because those who spark the most interest are most likely to become a new gold mine for the early investors. Of course, Investing in ICOs can be risky, so be careful and always do your research before investing.

Hope this answer helps.


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