Which Cryptocurrency is the Best to Invest, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum?

When it comes to the three cryptocurrencies mentioned above, all of them are represent a good choice for investment. Bitcoin and Litecoin function primarily as a currency, while Ethereum has the strongest potential for distributed computations. Bitcoin and Litecoin main purpose is value transfer, while Ethereum offers greater possibilities by providing value through operations on all computers in the network with so-called smart contracts.

I would recommend investing in these coins in the following order:

– Ethereum has many applications and a great technology with a bright future ahead. Generally, cryptocurrency space is still in an uptrend and considering the background Ethereum has there is still plenty of room for growth. From the beginning of 2017, Ethereum has been on the rise with some oscillations, but in any case, its value has grown continually throughout the year. Since Ethereum is one of the best cryptocurrencies out there, I believe its uptrend will continue.

– Litecoin today is the fifth largest cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology. Since the beginning of 2017, it went up by about 1400 percent. Its market cap is currently at 3.2 billion dollars, and it has a potential to provide more value to the people than Bitcoin nowadays. Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin when it comes to peer-to-peer transactions; it can also be mined, it is decentralized and operates globally. LTC transactions typically take around 2 minutes, while BTC transaction can take way longer, which is characteristic that could be crucial when it comes to choosing between two. Simply, Litecoin is a smaller but better version of Bitcoin, and that’s why I believe it will succeed.

– Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the market and it is recognized globally. It has the biggest market cap and that’s a good reason to invest in it. In January, one Bitcoin was worth 990 US dollars. From August till now, its price was above 4000 US dollars. Bitcoin is far from being the best cryptocurrency, but it was the first crypto ever created, and there’s just way too much money invested in it, so it’s in the best interest of many that Bitcoin continues its growth. My prediction is that Bitcoin will not go as high as ETH and LTC in 2018, but in the following years, it will have a substantial growth.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with these three. Which one will go up first, and when, nobody can tell for sure. Only thing that seems certain is that they will go up.



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