Which is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in Long Term?

Look, in the medium-term, there are many relatively new cryptocurrencies that can reach astronomical returns, but none of them induce total confidence.

Bitcoin should be the choice.

Why? Despite the fact that Bitcoin cannot double or triple its price overnight, as some of the new tokens can do it (and maybe lose the gain at the same pace), this cryptocorruncy can provide stability and a guaranteed growth in the long-term. If you want to keep your investment safe, first of all you should check for solid assets that have some history and are well introduced into the economy. None of the cryptocurrencies out there is as well-integrated in the economy as Bitcoin.

Here is why one should bet on it:

  • It is by far the most popular and actually the first cryptocurrency.
  • If there are merchants that accept cryptocurrency, then it is about Bitcoin – you can’t buy stuff in exchange for other coins with very few exceptions.
  • Whenever new ICOs show up, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the key cryptocoins that back these new projects and startups. There is no ICO that is depended on fiat money directly. Bitcoin is the key, which supports the demand.
  • Almost all of the cryptocurrency ATMs out there operate with Bitcoin – I mean it is the main coin that cannot be replaced soon.
  • The market share of BTC is almost 50% despite the fact that there are over one thousand cryptocoins.

Bitcoin is still in the center of the entire cryptocurrency world. It still makes all the headlines if you check the daily news. Bitcoin will be there for the coming years as well – it cannot be replaced by Ethereum just so. I’m sure the latter has great potential, but the shift won’t be as fast as many expect. Bitcoin has entered deep into the economic processes.

Professional investors aim for 20-30%, but Bitcoin can generate more than that. Bitcoin is not one of those coins that will jump 1000% within one month – its market cap reached some saturation. However, when it comes to the long-term, there is much room for growth.

Naturally, some analysts expect it to hit incredible figures that go beyond $50,000.



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