Will XRP (Ripple) Become as Popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Well, Ripple is in the top 3 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Also, when it comes to the Ripple price, the numbers are all rather positive so far, which is great.

First, there are the huge gains. The price jumped nearly 4000% in the first half of 2017. Sure, the price fell after the bubble burst, but this growth is a helpful indicator where is Ripple headed. Also, Ripple is (at the moment) listed on 30+ trading platforms. Plus, it has some unique features such as a high number of transactions per minute (70,000) and the fact that is premined. The majority of Ripple is owned by the company that created it, which brings stability and lowers the risk for investors, as no one can easily manipulate the market at the expense of other participants.

Another important thing – last year, Ripple announced the setup of its first interbank global payments group, which included big banks like Bank of America Corp, the Royal Bank of Canada and Westpac Banking Corp. And that’s its main move – big banks are starting to use it for transfers in their internal network as well as for transaction to other banks. And since big banks work with billions – it’s likely that the price will move upwards in long-term.

That’s why I would recommend buy-and-hold strategy, which is the best way to invest in Ripple.

After all, remember that Ripple has about $7.4 billion in terms of market cap but is still valued at far less than a dollar. One Ripple coin is far cheaper than one Ethereum or one Bitcoin coin, and it has a long road ahead of it.

I don’t expect the price of Ripple ever to reach the price of Ethereum or Bitcoin, simply because the total coin supply for Ripple is too high. Ripple currently has 38,3 billion coins in circulation compared to 94.8 million for Ethereum and 16.5 million for Bitcoin.

When we talk about success – I think that Ripple could reach the success achieved by Bitcoin and Ethereum, and maybe even sooner than we think. If the big banks start using it for their transactions and the company which owns the majority of Ripple starts selling it, I think that Ripple could see mass adoption and implementation in many different markets, as it offers cheap, fast and easy money transactions.



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