Here are two of them:


IOTA is a coin created for the Internet of Things. Today, it costs $0.5413, but it has a great potential to grow.

Here are IOTA’s advantages and forte points:

– IOTA allows almost zero cost transactions;

– Its system is infinitely scalable;

– One can make offline transactions with IOTA system.

IOTA uses Tangle instead of a traditional blockchain system that operates with blocks. The main difference is that Tangle’s graph is a form of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

IOTA makes bright future for Internet of Things, it’s not just a cryptocurrency based on blockchain

In a regular blockchain, more transactions are collected in a block and then miners have to verify and confirm them, suggesting considerable fees for miners’ work. DAG is different since each transaction forms a separate block that gets verified and confirmed by itself.

Besides having a great system behind it, IOTA’s main goal is to create a decent ecosystem for the Internet of Things, and this means it has a great future. Internet of Things is a concept in which various devices, from computers to home appliances, are connected together in a common network. This concept will become a routine in a few years or decades, while IOTA will benefit from its growth.

Experts say that in the next ten years, IOTA will have hundreds of millions of various devices connected together.


WeTrust is a recent system that promises to revolutionize the financial system by providing banking solutions to everyone. Today, almost half of the world population does not have access to traditional banking services because of the lack of infrastructure and poor government management.

WeTrust wants to offer a platform for different mutual help solutions and financial services like P2P loans and more.

People will easily borrow and lend money through WeTrust’s system.

TRST token costs today $0.4776.

However, the system needs a few years until it gets popular among communities.

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