When transferring assets, money, goods or rendering a service, there almost always is a fee to uphold the standards of the economic scenario. Financial Institutions charge a fee every time money is moved from one bank account to another unless they have other motives to profit from your movement of funds.

Banks are known to charge pretty high fees for transferring between bank accounts of different banks for it reduces the amount of cash in holding at your bank.

Given that Bitcoin is a decentralized economy, miners record transactions based on fees paid when transferring Bitcoin from one wallet to another. If no fees are paid, Transaction would end up at the bottommost priority for being recorded in the blockchain safe to say that it never may be recorded.

To transfer Bitcoin in between wallets in a considerable amount of time, the fees ought to be paid which ensures a difference in the amount of Bitcoin sent to the amount of Bitcoin received.

To answer your question, Yes, moving bitcoin in between wallets shall result in a money loss in the form of transaction fees which are used to uphold the network.

Most Bitcoin transactions are processed at a below 0.001 % transaction fee which implies that even if you move a set amount of funds a number of times, your ‘loss’ in the form of fees is extremely less.

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Posted by Min Park

Blockchain Marketing Consultant

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