How to Choose Cryptocurrencies for Your Portfolio

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not always a guarantee of profit. In a broader sense, cryptocurrencies are not the place for investments in the traditional way, but a way to exchange value. Of course, there are many ways to make a profit out of that exchange since the value of cryptocurrencies varies day to day. To choose right cryptocurrency, one must have knowledge and ability to estimate when it’s time to buy or sell. That is the same for every currency.

If a person is satisfied with the way current the global financial system works it should go for traditional methods of investments. If not, there is always gold. But if an individual has knowledge of finance and global trends of investments in online networks, it should consider investment in cryptocurrencies.

In recent years, an explosion of cryptocurrencies happened. Basically, since the rise of Bitcoin, everyone tries to predict what’s the next big currency. Factors for successful cryptocurrency are:

– Degree in which merchants use currency

– Low volatility which implies less chance of greater oscillations, especially for the worse

– Expansion of network, it has to be large in order to success

– Degree in which currency is adopted by users globally

– Security that offers for its users

– It has to remain simple for use

– It must be recognized as something worthy by wider community

So, what’s the characteristics investor must look for considering cryptocurrencies?

It’s important to predict what are the goals that some online business has. Basically one must differ those platforms that simply offer a product and those who tend to expand. Development of the network for years to come is necessary for a long time success.

The investor must look for platform-based projects, and not those who tend to offer features that will come useful in the short term, but it would become surplus to the cryptocurrency market in the future. Bitcoin and Ethereum as the most recognized have a strong background and all the characteristic from the above. When it comes to less familiar platforms, Exodus is a great future-oriented platform that offers multi-wallet service for easy use and long-term capacity to compete in an open market.

Also, it’s very important for the network to have a good flow of value. It is preferable to pick those who tend to have more cash in the flow since that is what it is all about. ShadowCash Umbra Wallet is a good example, it avoids expensive mining and offers a good profit. It goes somewhere around 2 to 4 percents annually.

In the end, for a successful investment, an individual must be careful, explore currency’s background, and be well aware of the degree of security the platform offers. With those taken into perspective, there are good chances of long-term success in investing.



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