What Is the Best Bitcoin Mobile Wallet?

There are numerous mobile wallet providers for transacting Bitcoin.

Most of the Mobile wallets seen on Play Store or Itunes are products of Exchanges or companies that offer Bitcoin-related services.
It is recommended that one understand the risks and liabilities that entail by using a wallet provided that particular company or institution since more often than not, they have access to your funds, not you.

The best bitcoin wallet Mobile wallet is, however, relative to how people like the user interface and differ from person to person.
Coinbase is one of the most widely used Exchanges with a fairly popular app on Both play store and Itunes.
Bitcoin Wallet – Coinbase – Android Apps on Google Play
Coinbase – Bitcoin & Ethereum Wallet on Apple App Store

Mycelium is a personal favourite due its clean and simple interface. Mycelium isn’t an exchange but builds on Bitcoin-related technology for merchants and clients.

I highly recommend Mycelium to anybody that’s looking for a Mobile Wallet.
Android App: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet – Android Apps on Google Play
Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/…

I’ve found Mycelium and Coinbase to be one of the most user friendly ones among the many out there.


Mycelium Wallet:



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