In theory, it’s possible to mine Bitcoins with an old computer, but it wouldn’t be profitable. If you’re looking to mine for Bitcoins you need to invest into equipment.

Of course, equipment isn’t cheap.

If you want to mine for cryptocurrencies at home, you can purchase everything you need on Amazon. And it won’t cost much – it will be close to a few hundred dollars.

The main building blocks for mining rig are a “Raspberry Pi” (inexpensive production computer), USB block erupters (computer chips of varying speeds designed specifically to mine for cryptocurrencies), a 10-port USB hub, and a USB cooling fan.

You can also build an enhanced PC and mine with it. There are many tutorials online that can help you put one together.

After you build it, you’ll need to download the mining software. It’s open source, which means it’s free to download and use, plus it supports different operating systems. Bitcoin mining software.

The software does all the heavy work, going through the seemingly random combination that will open the padlock to the block of pending transfers. The faster and more powerful the hardware, the faster you’ll be able to mine for your desired cryptocurrency.

As a prospective miner, you’ll also need a wallet. Once a cryptocurrency has been created (mined) by your computer, it is deposited into your virtual wallet. Wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Wallets for other cryptocurrencies can be found by simply searching the web.

Also, working on your own can be difficult. That’s why it may be a good idea to join a mining pool.

On one hand, joining a mining pool means sharing your rewards. On the other, it means you actually have some chance at solving a block and mining cryptocurrency.

Once you start mining, you can use a mining calculator to calculate your mining profitability.

Once you’ve mined a cryptocurrency, you may want to use trading platforms to store, trade, and sell it.

Good luck with the mining!

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