Which Cryptocurrency Exchanges Have the Highest Volumes in India?

Bitcoin exchanges are an important part of the Bitcoin world, as they allow buying and selling Bitcoins as well as altcoins. They match buyers and sellers, trading cryptocurrencies or trading them with fiat money. There are quite a few exchanges that are India born, and the most popular will be listed.

Coinsecure exchange

Coinsecure has a really short transaction time and is the first Bitcoin exchange that lets users trade in Indian Rupees (INR).

Some critics say that its interface is not user-friendly for beginners, but the plus side is that they provide enough valuable information on their site. Coinsecure is considered one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in India.


ZebPay is considered second best, after Coinsecure. For trading on ZebPay, users need to download an application, as ZebPay supports exchange only using mobile devices. It has a straightforward interface and is easy to use, even for beginners. It is used for making small transactions using Litecoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


Unocoin has a very user-friendly interface, suitable for beginners. It is recommended for users that are starting to trade Bitcoin. It is available for mobile devices as well as computers. There is an available app, such as one for ZebPay. It supports trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Coinome Cryptocurrency exchange

Coinome offers quick exchanges for users in India. It works like any other platform and plans to support 20 types of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, at this moment, it allows trading of BTC and Indian Rupees only, but they have a lot of space to develop.


Koinex supports the trading of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, which is more cryptocurrencies than the other exchanges. This is Koinex’s best quality.

The popularity of Bitcoin leads users to invest and research the best exchanges platform can be an important step for having the best experience. This question becomes very important in the light of the news of government restrictions in India. The best advice for users is to stay informed about possible regulations so they can protect their funds.



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