What Are the Best Sites for Learning About Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is becoming more popular each day, and there are many people who are starting their own blogs on cryptocurrency topics, sharing their knowledge with others who are eager to learn. One can learn about Bitcoin on various sites, through youtube channels, or through various free online courses. Here are few of them that can be really useful.

A site called Investopedia is a good site for learning the basic meaning of main concepts of cryptocurrencies. There are also good explanations of some basic questions that are common for beginners. Using only this site is probably not enough, but it is a good assistance when there are some concrete dilemmas.

CoinDesk is one of the best and most popular sites. It has really good articles with simple explanations. Their articles cover almost every relevant topic about Bitcoin, with everyday updates and news.

CuriousInventor is a great YouTube channel with cool animations and good voice over videos, making it easy for learners. They will get up and going on Bitcoin fast, from how to buy, store and send, to the basic concepts, to the inner workings, and even how to program.

A useful free online course about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is available at Udemy. This course is an excellent introduction and no prior knowledge is required. This course includes 2 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, full lifetime access, access on mobile and TV, and at the end, there is a certificate of completion. The course is informative, practical, thought-provoking and will give one access to new resources.

All of these resources are good and helpful, but maybe the best way to utilize them is to use them all. Learning from different places is most useful, even if the information is the same, different ways of teaching will help one make the most out of the learning experience.


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