Which Cryptocurrency Is a Good Investment in 2018?

Even though 2018 started with a big market correction, it will be an amazing year for the cryptocurrency market. Some people might think that we’re going through the burst of a bubble, just like the dot-com did in the year 2000, but this is not the case. The cryptocurrency market went through a correction that was actually needed in order to balance properly, and it will retake its ascending movement. Maybe the market won’t grow at the same pace as it did at the end of 2018, but it would surely update its record and could hit 1 trillion dollars in market capitalization by the end of the year.

Now, onto which crypto coin to invest in. The first rule about the crypto market is to never invest in one single token but, instead, to have a well-diversified cryptocurrency portfolio with a set of different cryptocurrencies.

Thus, the better question should be – which cryptocurrencies should I invest in this year? Here are a few hints:

  • Bitcoin – the largest cryptocurrency by market cap shouldn’t be ignored from your portfolio in any case. Even if it won’t gain over 30,000% as Ripple did in 2017, Bitcoin is a great choice for storing value.
  • Ethereum – Ethereum is the core of hundreds of ERC20 tokens. Its functionality is amazing and it will expand this year as more and more startups are issuing tokens particularly on the Ethereum blockchain.
    Nick Kirk, the quantitative developer at Cypher Capital, told CNBC: “I think ethereum will overtake bitcoin in terms of market size.”
    Bitcoin’s January struggles may hold clues for the near future
  • Stellar – Stellar announced that the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX) is to launch this year, and the network has become available for token creation. In other words, Stellar can host tokens just as Ethereum does, but it will also provide a decentralized exchange where users may convert one token to another without relying on third parties like Coinbase (which by the way had some terrible issues in Jan-Feb).

There is a list of other less known tokens that could surge this year based on their great products and ideas. Some of these are Nebulas (NAS) – for its decentralized search engine for all kind of blockchain data and TenX (PAY) – for its card system that allows users to pay with tokens at any VISA and MasterCard terminals.

Also, don’t ignore QTUM, EOS or Cardano.



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