Which Cryptocurrency Under $1 Has the Most Potential?

To start off here’s the list of the coins under $1 with the largest market capitalization:

Cardano, Stellar, NEM, TRON, Verge, ByteCoin, Siacoin, U.Cash, Status, Dogecoin, and BitShares. Note that sometimes Tether’s USDT may drop a bit below $1, but it doesn’t count as it’s begged to the US dollar and shows no real trend, so we’re not interested in it.

From all these listed coins U.Cash shocked the market most these days by gaining thousands of percentage points immediately after its launch. Thus, it rose from $0.005 on February 10, to a record high of $0.22 on February 12. Amazing, right? That’s over 4000% in two days!

Anyway, it doesn’t mean that today U.Cash has the greatest potential. I would go for some projects that have great products. Stellar, NEM, and Cardano would be some options.

Stellar announced that it would launch SDEX – Stellar Decentralized Exchange.

As the official roadmap says: “SDEX will be the world-class front-end that our underlying technology has long deserved. It will enable on-chain, protocol-level trades for any Stellar token, and we will create liquidity to minimize spreads and maximize choice of assets.”

Besides, the network will integrate the Lightning Network system.

Moreover, Stellar has all the features to create new tokens based on its core network, something like Ethereum does today. Thus, more and more startups may choose to launch their ICOs, particularly on Stellar. Mobius already did it.

Cardano is another interesting project. It has an advanced blockchain system that is said to be blockchain 3.0.

It’s difficult to choose one of these, but in general, if the whole crypto market will do fine, most of these under $1 coins will thrive.

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