Will Stellar Become Mainstream?

Stellar is already mainstream. In October of last year, it partnered with IBM to create a payment system in the South Pacific region. According to the project, 12 banking entities from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga would use Stellar’s Lumens for the processing of cross-border transactions.

That was only the beginning. Today, Stellar comes with several new ideas and implementations that expands its use cases and potential.

In January, Stellar presented its 2018 roadmap, that reveals two main goals:

  • SDEX – the Stellar Decentralized Exchange
    This is where people will trade all kinds of tokens and currencies. As Stellar puts in, the SDEX will have:

Day One trading for any Stellar ICO token
– atomic pathfinding to discover the cheapest rates between any two assets
– very low trading fees
– end-user control of secret keys

2018 Stellar Roadmap

  • The second goal is to integrate the Lightning Network with Stellar. Lightning Network is a special payment tool that acts as a layer and can be integrated with other blockchain systems. It is expected to support Stellar’s scalability in the future.

More and more startups choose to issue tokens and conduct ICOs on Stellar rather than the super popular Ethereum. For example, Mobius’s MOBI token was sold on Stellar.

Our public MOBI token sale has officially closed! We sold out of our total allotment of 8,888,888 tokens in just over two hours! Being the first major token sale to take place on Stellar.

Mobius — We Did It! – Mobius Network – Medium

Even though there were some problems during Mobius’ ICO because of the high demand everything was OK and the event opened the door for other companies.

Last year, Stellar said that it partnered with 37 companies, which is quite impressive for a startup.

XML demonstrated an incredible price performance:

Stellar and the State of Cryptocurrency

Stellar continues to become more and more popular amid an increased interest in altcoins, as investors look for tokens with high return potential.

Stellar has a genuine technology that can make it become widely accepted, similar to a coin like Ethereum.


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