Is Ripple a Scam?

Ripple is definitely not a scam. It is used by over 100 banks and companies.

Ripple might use some ‘scammy’ methods, but the RippleNet product is used by many banks. Check this:

The above-displayed banks and several others represent the biggest players in the financial market. Would the above banks deal with a scam company or a scam product? Are these banks likely to be fooled by Ripple?

Ripple is the most hated of cryptocurrencies and people have good reasons to hate it but that doesn’t make it is a scam.

Banks don’t use XRP and it might not be the best investment. However, a hundred banks are currently using Ripple’s blockchain and are in phase 1 of the process.

The second phase will come when banks start applying XRP to settle up balances – and this will happen. Initially, there will be several, but not all, of the banks adopting XRP, and then the rest of the partners will enter the game.

At this time, XRP is not used by banks but only because the time hasn’t come yet.

If you don’t trust the 100 billion pre-mined tokens, Ripple said that they’d be locking up 50% of this supply into a smart contract that would be released once per month for a period of five years.

Can you really believe that so many banks worldwide would use a product that is not legit? Once Ripple deals with so many banks, it is watched and controlled by them. They are constantly monitored for quality control. Ripple simply wouldn’t be able to function as a scam operation under these circumstances.

None of this goes to say that Ripple is the best product – it definitely favours banks but it also works well.



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