8 Alternative Ways to Earn Bitcoin

There are many ways to earn 3 or more Bitcoins per year. Here are some ways you can earn Bitcoins without any (or with minimal) technical knowledge:

1. Bitcoin affiliate marketing

The idea is to get paid for promoting someone else’s products. Basically, you get paid whenever someone comes to a website following your link and purchases a product. The list of numerous Bitcoin affiliate programs can be seen here.

2. Micro jobs

There are a few sites where people offer small payments for simple tasks such as retweeting a post or finding a price of a product. Coinworker has the lead in this niche, and you can check some other similar websites in this Bitcointalk topic.

3. Playing games for Bitcoins

There are many Bitcoin games that allow users to earn Bitcoins while playing. The games often contain a lot of ads (their source of income) and users are paid small amounts for doing stuff in the game. The list of BTC games can be found here.

4. Bitcoin trading

If you’re interested in stock market, maybe you could give trading a shot. With a bit of investment and a lot of research you could easily earn 3 Bitcoins per year.

5. Bitcoin lending

This is a somewhat safer option than trading. It’s simple – you lend Bitcoins to someone, and get them back with an interest. Of course, be extra careful to whom you lend the money, as you might not see it again.

6. Paid-to-Click websites

These websites give users small amount of Bitcoin for visiting websites and viewing ads. The average amount of money you would get for one hour of work is around $0.5. You can check the list of these sites here.

7. Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are websites that give away a small amount of Bitcoin every few minutes for free. The amount is really tiny and it’s probably not worth the trouble, but if you dedicate a lot of time to this you could get around 0.5 BTC per year. A list of Bitcoin faucets can be found here.

8. Gambling with Bitcoin

You could get small amounts of free BTC from other sources such as faucets or games and try it out. If you’re lucky, you could make those 3BTC in a few hours. Of course, make sure you invest only the amounts you can afford to lose. You can check Bitcoin casinos here.

There are many other ways to earn Bitcoins with only the basic computer science knowledge, but these are the main ones. You can check out Bitfortip, too, where you answer questions for Bitcoin tips – but I haven’t included it in the list due to the low number of questions asked on this source.



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