Which Cryptocurrencies Should You Invest in Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are great cryptocurrencies in terms of holding funds and protecting them from inflation. However, they are not the most promising ones when it comes to an expected return.

For example, Bitcoin is currently priced at $16,000 per coin, and the most generous forecast expects a target of $500,000 by 2020 (John McAfee for example). Well, this would be amazing – it means BTC would grow by 30. You could make a lot of money, right?

But what about other cryptocurrencies? If you check Ripple, then its token, XRP, has generated in 2017 a return of over 35,000%! Isn’t that astonishing? With $100 invested at the beginning of the year, you would get over $350,000 on December 31.

You could buy this Ferrari:

…and still have some funds left.

The point is that you should now focus on the altcoins if you really want high returns. If you look for safety, keep with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but you should not expect an astronomical return. 1000% per year is the best that Bitcoin can do under today’s conditions. BTC’s market cap is huge.

On the other hand, altcoins can grow by multiple times within a single month because their market cap is insignificant (compared to Bitcoin) and they have lots of room for growth.

This is why investors turn their attention to altcoins and leave some Bitcoins for the protection of funds. Check this:

The chart shows how Bitcoin has lost its dominance in less than 30 days. BTC’s share in the crypto market fell from over 60% at the beginning of Dec 2017, to around 36% today.

On the other hand, the altcoins outside the top 10 (grey line) have more than doubled their importance, and Ripple has shown an impressive growth.

So, if you want to make great profits, go for the altcoins – and don’t rely on only one of them…you may lose. Instead, make a portfolio of multiple coins. You can include Ripple, Cardano, Tron, EOS, Monero, and more. Check for those that may grow by multiple times.

Cardano and Tron have surprised the market with their surge at the beginning of January 2018.



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