Can Ripple Reach $10?

Yes! In theory, Ripple can get even higher than that. The important thing for it is to keep the demand at a decent level.

See the chart below:

Ripple started 2017 at $0.006 and it’s now being traded at around $3.10. Can you imagine this? This suggests a return of more than 50,000%. For comparison, Bitcoin has grown about 1400% in 2017.

So, if Ripple could jump by over 500 times in one year, it’s very likely that its price can triple.

I know this may sound crazy today, but could you anticipate $3 per XRP when it was $0.006?

$10 is a realistic achievement. Here is what a crypto analyst told CNBC:

“By utilizing decentralized computing and opensource software, we see a multi-trillion dollar market emerging,” Steves, who also covers semiconductor stocks for RBC, said in a Wednesday report.
He told CNBC in a phone interview that his $10 trillion estimate comes from taking one-third of the roughly $30 trillion in assets held in offshore funds and gold, as investors embrace digital currencies as a new store of value.

One stock analyst’s $10 trillion bull case for cryptocurrencies

So, if the analysts expect a $10 trillion crypto market, then what’s Ripple’s share in all this? Well, considering that today Ripple has a 17% share, then $1 trillion is the least possible figure. Ripple has involved too many giant companies to make simply go out of the radar.

Now, if we check the current market cap which is $120 billion at the moment,and set a target of $1 trillion, which is backed by analysts’ opinions about the whole crypto market, then we may expect Ripple to grow by 9 times.

Thus, Ripple’s price can go well above $20. Note – this is backed by experts’ analysis.



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