What’s the Next Big Cryptocurrency?

Some crypto watchers call “big” cryptocurrencies the top 5 coins while others use this term for the top 10 or coins. You can also find Bitcoin fans that call BTC the only big cryptocurrency, and for a very good reason – its share in the crypto space is about 36%, and it’s actually a lower dominance level for Bitcoin – it used to be higher than that.

#1 So, if you want to ask what is the next “Bitcoin,” then it is hard to anticipate. It can be Ethereum, because of:

  • It’s smart contract features;
  • It’s used in most ICOs;
  • It’s backed by well-known figures in the crypto world.

However, there are several other blockchain systems with smart contract features (like Cardano) that might be able to reach Bitcoin’s level?

For a true Bitcoin rival, the media has to focus all of its attention on an altcoin as they do now with Bitcoin. CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters – they are currently all about Bitcoin and it’s still the crypto star. In fact, the media is guilty for most of Bitcoin’s rally so it’s important to have it on the Bitcoin successor’s side.

It’s still unclear which might be the next Bitcoin – maybe it’s a cryptocurrency that hasn’t even been created yet?

#2 If you use the term “big” for the top 5, the next big cryptocurrency should be somewhere in the top 10–15. For example, Cardano, Tron and Stellar seem to be good candidates however, it may be a completely invisible altcoin.

#3 If you use the term “big” for the top 10 coins then the next big hit is hidden somewhere in the top 20. EOS and Monero should make this list.

As you can see, we cannot have a clear sense because the crypto market is volatile, unpredictable and wild. The best thing you can do is spend a few hours a day studying the evolution of each coin, see their team, understand their goals, and just do your homework. This will increase your forecast potential by multitudes.


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