When Will Coinbase Add Ripple?

After Bitcoin Cash was added by Coinbase, many rumors have circulated that the crypto exchange might add Ripple as well. In fact, this was the key news that has supported XRP’s price, which demonstrated an impressive growth from $2.00 on the last day of 2017 to a peak of $3.84 on January, 4.

Many people have seen Ripple’s listing as a natural move for Coinbase, as the cryptocurrency is the second largest one by market cap and might be stable given the support of many financial institutions.

However, Coinbase made a step back and indirectly denied the rumors. In a blog posted on January 4, the crypto exchange explained:

As of the date of this statement, we have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or Coinbase. Any statement to the contrary is untrue and not authorized by the company.

Our process for adding new assets – The Coinbase Blog

As you can see, the blog post doesn’t directly refer to Ripple, but it only hints to that. CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted:


Even though Coinbase didn’t mention Ripple at all, it was clear that their intention was to deny the rumors. This was enough to disappoint many investors and cause a decline in the XRP price.

Many Ripple investors replied with comments like “we want Ripple,” “Please add Ripple!” However, naturally, there were Ripple haters who commented that they don’t want to see Ripple. In the end, the Ripple supporters prevailed.

Even if Coinbase denied Rumors, don’t forget that its CEO said that the exchange would add more altcoins in 2018:


Isn’t Ripple an altcoin that is worth the attention?

Their blog post says: “As of the date of this statement, we have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or Coinbase”… but the date has changed, right?

In conclusion, Coinbase won’t add Ripple today or this month, but this may happen later.



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