Should You Invest in Bitcoin When the Value Is Down?

Yes – the best time to invest in Bitcoin is when this decision is supported by strong fundamental data (favorable news like CME and CBOE starting Bitcoin futures trading and so on). When we speak from a technical analytical side, the best time to enter the market is when the Bitcoin price starts to rise from a deep downtrend. When the price goes down, you should be ready to invest, and when it shows signs that its bearish trend is over-saturated – it’s time to act and buy.

2017 was unique in the sense that you could profit from Bitcoin no matter the entry point. You could buy it at any peak, as record highs kept going higher and higher, although profit is much higher when you buy it during price declines.

On Dec 22, 2017, Bitcoin demonstrated an incredible collapse – it fell 30% in 24 hours, however, Bitcoin wasn’t the only cryptocurrency affected. At one point, almost every cryptocurrency lost value and the ones in the top 10 fell 20% at least.

It might be because investors were taking their profits before the Christmas holiday. We’ll maybe see the next sharp uptrends starting from the next year.

A temporary crisis such as this is a good moment to enter the market and make real profits. The important thing is to be ready to invest in the long-term (not just short-term speculations) and be ready for high volatility.

Once you see a panic day like the one described above, it’s your turn to invest. It’s important to consider that buying Bitcoin during its free fall is not the best decision, even though you can make a profit. You should closely watch the quotation for when it shows signs of growth. Here are some good entries shown in the image below (red):

Sometimes you may be misled by the market – like shown in the black circle. In this case, just keep your calm and wait for the market to stabilize.



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