What Is the Best Altcoin?

It is very difficult to determine which altcoin is the best. There are over 700 alternative cryptocurrencies. Still, not all of them can be perceived as something that is valuable and only a few of them are worthy of considering. When it comes to determining which altcoin is a legitimate investment, there are more than a few important factors that need to be taken into account.

First of all, it is important to determine the service that platform provides to its users and, in the end, how the service is useful for certain a population. It is important that there is a team of developers behind the project and that the team is skilled, devoted, and innovative. In the end, it is also a key element that the currency is well established and adopted. Some people also seek anonymity but even more, it is very essential that the coin is secure and safe from any kind of fraud or theft. In recent times, a game changer is also transaction time.

That is a field where Bitcoin is losing the battle. That leads to the most likely top alternative cryptocurrency – Ethereum. If Bitcoin is recognized as the crypto version of gold, Ethereum is the crypto version of silver. One of the main reasons Ethereum is second place comes down to the simple fact that Bitcoin was first. In comparison to Bitcoin, Ethereum has a more advanced algorithm at the base of its network, its transaction time is much lower and the block time is better as well.

Finally, Ethereum is still mineable through the standard mining rigs that are based on GPUs. It is a well-established platform that offers multiple useful features and that is the most important characteristic – with Ethereum, you can develop your own software and get funded through the network in Ether. Besides Ethereum, well-established and rather useful altcoins are Litecoin, Zcash and Monero. They are an easy method of payment and some of them are anonymous. The price of all of the above is very volatile, but steadily rising and there is a bright future ahead of them.


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