Is Litecoin a Worthy Investment and Will It Ever Climb to Bitcoin’s Level?

Bitcoin came well before Litecoin’s time and because of this, it has a great advantage over alternative cryptocurrencies. It is hard to believe that someday Bitcoin could lose its number one position in the crypto market. Steady in second place behind Bitcoin is Ethereum, although it has some fundamental differences in comparison to Bitcoin, mainly in its structure. Litecoin is, as a network, very similar to Bitcoin. It is hard to predict whether Litecoin could ever come near Bitcoin, but it is certain is that Litecoin has a bright future.

Litecoin has a great team of developers that are constantly attacking the most important issues when it comes to their network’s development. Also, Litecoin has a feature called “atomic swaps” which is extremely useful considering the fact that it allows its users to switch without having to exchange. Without third-party involvement, it will become even more dynamic and in constant fluctuation, which is very important for the growth of the currency.

The price of Litecoin is on the constant rise and it will continue to rise even more in the future. This is one of the reasons Litecoin is a really worthy investment. If we compare it with Bitcoin we can see that Litecoin is practically a spendable version of Bitcoin. Also, we must take into account that Bitcoin did not rise only because it is useful and became widely adopted, but also because of the fact that it is a great method of storing value. With limited supply, it makes the currency very deflationary and it is one of the prime reasons for the frequent booms in Bitcoin’s price. In order for Litecoin to become number one, it must focus more on storing value. However, Litecoin shouldn’t do that because it’s already a great concept. Litecoin offers a real service to its users and it has great inherent value. Litecoin is already a great coin to invest in and it will continue becoming an established and recognized cryptocurrency.



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