Is Bitcoin a Speculative Bubble and a Risky Investment?

First of all, Bitcoin can’t be a bubble since it’s lasted for almost ten years now. When something is referred to as a bubble it means that it grows fast, but also collapses very quickly. Yes, the Bitcoin market can be very volatile, but it appears to be progressively growing. When it comes to the inherent value of Bitcoin it is clear that value exists, but sometimes it can’t really be perceived. The sole concept of Bitcoin has great value since it started an entirely new technology, developed an entirely new market and also, offered people a chance to transact globally without any control by a central institution.

Blockchain technology is something that Bitcoin offered first. It is the foundation of the entire tech currency revolution that started at that point and for that reason solely we must accept Bitcoin as something with great inherent value. In the terms of market, Bitcoin’s inherent value is actually growing independently of its price value, because of the fact that Bitcoin is becoming more widely adopted each day. With the rise of adoption rates, Bitcoin will become more a much more frequent method of transaction and it will achieve its full purpose.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin truly is a risky investment. Is that really a reason to avoid it? No, it isn’t. Bitcoin, like many other concepts with great potential, is still a matter of considerable risk. Still, if you learn enough about Bitcoin and develop yourself as an investor, you can minimize the risk. Bitcoin will become less volatile as its development as a concept progresses. There is a certain amount of risk when it comes to any new investment. Even the fiat currencies are at constant risk if we consider the fact that there have been several cases of recession or even hyperinflation worldwide such as in Yugoslavia or Zimbabwe. Everything can be risky. Despite the volatility of Bitcoin, by now it is clear that there is a bright future ahead of the entire cryptocurrency market and there is no reason why you should not invest, of course at the right place and time.

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