Did I Miss the Boat Investing in Bitcoin?

The boat is always there, the only thing that differs with time is how far that boat is going to take you. The Bitcoin market is a very volatile market and that creates many opportunities to invest, but also comes with a lot of chances to lose your assets. After a big rise in Bitcoin value, Bitcoin’s value crashed slightly. That is no surprise if taken into consideration the fact that price can’t go up indefinitely. It is never too late to invest if you know the market well and have a little bit of luck every now and then. After the price fall, investors will start buying Bitcoin again which will once again increase demand and subsequently raise the price again.

To become a successful day-trader it is important to buy Bitcoin at the lowest possible price, which can be more difficult than it seems. Even the most experienced investors can’t always predict prices well. Nevertheless, there are other ways to invest. Mining and cloud mining are still both very promising, although traditional mining can be profitable only with big hardware investments and cheap electricity prices. Industrial prices in some European countries are acceptable, but otherwise, the location from which you mine should be outside of Europe and North America.

For this reason, cloud mining could be a good idea, an example of a cloud mine you should try is Genesis cloud mining. It is simple, but there are some risks of losing your funds, so beware. Besides Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market is filled with chances to profit. There are over seven hundred alternatives, also known as altcoins. Ethereum is considered crypto silver next to Bitcoin gold. Although Ethereum has many useful features and more advanced technology, it is not yet adopted globally. For this reason, its price is lower, which makes it a great investment since the price in 2018 should definitely rise.

Litecoin, Zcash, and Monero are established and frequent currencies as well, which makes them good for investing and even better for mining since it is still possible to mine them from your home and make a profit. As you can see by now, the boat hasn’t sailed yet and there are many other boats which have yet to arrive so learn, observe and be careful. Someday you could enter the market and hopefully make a good profit!



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