Which is a Better Investment, ICOs or Bitcoin?

When it comes to solely investing in one of the above-mentioned, it is difficult to determine which one is a better investment. Initial Coin Offering, (“ICO”), is a new trend on the cryptocurrency market. The market was literally over-flooded with different offers. Bitcoin is on the rise lately, but that’s not necessarily a good thing when it comes to investing since the market of cryptocurrencies can be very volatile.

ICOs are a good thing if you are able to recognize the real potential for development. It is important to take into perspective several key factors when it comes to the early investing into the developing concepts based on blockchain technology. It is important to determine whether the project has a real intention of developing the concept they are presenting to the cryptocurrency community. So, it is important that it has a real team of developers that are really working on the project and that the funding goes well. When it comes to the concept itself you should take into the perspective whether it is customer oriented and does it provide a real service to its users. Also, several key features must exist when it comes to the platform.

If you are new to the market there are several great websites that provide a great info on the ICO that are trending at the moment. They provide literally a unique score of the ICO that is based on the several characteristics they take into the perspective. Some of them are related to the project itself and others on the future market position. Besides that, you have suggestions of the current top Initial Coin Offerings, it is not rare that some of them get to the market where you can at least initially create a certain amount of profit.

Still, the business of finding the next Bitcoin is not a very safe way of investing. Bitcoin is an established network for last 10 years and it is a much safer investment. If you are intending to day-trade, learn. Only experience and knowledge can turn the odds in your favor.



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