Which Bitcoin Wallet is the Best Balance Between Ease of Use and Security?

There are a few great choices when it comes to software wallets, although hardware wallets are much safer. With hardware wallets, there is almost a zero percent chance that someone will steal your assets and until recently there haven’t been any serious cases of hacking into hardware wallets recorded. Although they are safe, they are quite difficult to use for someone who is not experienced in the crypto community. Software wallets are much simpler and they can be quite safe as well. When it comes to the security of software wallets, it is important to choose a legitimate wallet and to be cautious with your personal data and how you save it.

Most thefts don’t happen because of a lapse in a network, but because users leave their information unprotected. It is important to keep your private key locked and not to use the account for other types of transactions. Also, it is important not to leave big amounts of currency on the exchange as doing so is the easiest way to lose your money. Nevertheless, it is important to choose your wallet wisely. Here are some of the top choices when it comes to a balanced ratio of simplicity and security.


This is quite a simple wallet for beginners since it requires no authentication, e-mail or passwords. It is quite secure and it has a team of developers that are active and constantly working on improvements. Also, it is open-sourced and well established. Considering the fact that it has a fair background. it is a completely legitimate and safe way for someone to start storing Bitcoin.


This wallet is a great choice, and it is also available on Android. With Jaxx, you can store Bitcoin and altcoins, up to a total of 13 cryptocurrencies. Since it is a multi-asset wallet it is a great choice. Jaxx is a well established and globally accepted cryptocurrency wallet which means that many users have a great experience. This is a key indicator of quality and safety. It also has a backup seed key which enables you to gain access to your assets if your device is damaged.


This wallet is a desktop wallet, which makes it very simple for manipulation of assets. An interesting fact about Exodus is that it is the first multi-asset wallet. It is quite safe, since it has no hosted servers or logs, and it offers a variety of cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t require any logs but has a backup seed key which will enable you to regain access to your money in case something goes wrong. For added security, a password is needed if you want to spend your funds.

These are some of the top choices for hardware and software wallets. It is important that all three of the mentioned wallets are desktop oriented which makes them simple for beginners. Also, they are all legitimate and been on the market for a long time.

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