Can Ethereum Ever Worth More Than Bitcoin?

Yes. When it comes to the intrinsic value of Ethereum, in many ways it is already much greater than Bitcoin. It is quite simple. Ethereum network is based on am advanced concept comparing to Bitcoin. Many would agree that Bitcoin concept is what people would call, yesterdays news.

Ethereum offers many features that Bitcoin would never be able to provide to its users. Ethereum is far from just a currency, Ethereum is a platform on which anyone can put an idea to the realization. With Ethereum platform and its blockchain technology people can start to develop their projects, applications, programs and similar content.

Ether is the name of Ethereum’s currency and every of those projects can be funded within the network itself. It is obviously more than a method of payment, it is a community. People who are intending to develop Ethereum are technologically advanced individuals.

When it comes to the numbers, Ethereum blockchain is far more effective than Bitcoin’s. Transaction time of Ethereum is considerably lower. If you try to make a transaction of Bitcoin, it would take much more time, especially considering the great computational power that Bitcoin has.

When it comes to the actual price, in short terms there are hardly any chance of Ethereum beating the Bitcoin. There are more than a few reasons for it and they mostly are not the matter of technology. It is quite simple. Bitcoin was the first. The amount of fiat currency invested in Bitcoin is considerably higher comparing to all of the alternative cryptocurrencies available today. Adoption level of Bitcoin globally is much higher and generally, Bitcoin gained the greatest popularity globally.

But, in the long terms, Ethereum has great capacity of overtaking the world’s number one position in the market of digital money. It already has more sophisticated structure and solutions of many issues are better.

Ethereum’s safety protocols are more advanced and the smart contracts they developed are much better, they are safer and fair.

I honestly believe that in the future, three to five years from now, Ethereum could take the leading role. It is important for Ether to open more to the general population when it comes to the matter of simple transfer of value, because it is obvious that many of Ethereum features are not the object of interest for the average citizen.



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