Which Cryptocurrency can You Mine in 2017?

You can earn money mining every cryptocurrency, it only depends on how much money and how would you mine.

Bitcoin is still an option since the cloud mining can offer decent profit with less effort. Although, the risk of fraud and poor management of your assets is considerably higher. Still, if cloud mining is not an option and ASIC is too big if an investment, there are other ways to earn through traditional mining.

Since the Bitcoin became too large and competitive, there has been the development of hundreds of other blockchains. Ethereum, as a leading platform behind the Bitcoin network is a promising concept that includes other features besides the transactions based on the block chain technology. Ether is still mineable through GPU mining rigs, it has stable growing price and it should be considered as number one safe choice. Ethereum has came a long way and besides the fact that Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever, Ethereum has many advantages considering its structure, smart contracts, etc.

Besides Ethereum there are several quite profitable cryptocurrencies when it comes to the mining. While everyone is trying to find the next Bitcoin, there are couple of alternative cryptocurrencies that have slow but steady rise. They are CPU mineable and have the lowest entry level, so basically they can be mined by everyone with basic home configuration.

Zcash is relatively new concept on the market and it has max supply amount of 21.000.000 units, similar to Bitcoin. It has block reward of 12,5 with block time of 2,5 minutes. It uses the algorithm named Equihash. Great value of Zcash is that it has anonymous transactions. It has a good foundation since it had fair launch – it is not premined.

Nexus is a cryptocurrency with maximum supply level of 78.000.000 and the block reward 110 with block time of 5 minutes. Good points are that has dual mining channel with many unique features. Bad side is that it is relatively complicated concept which could have negative impact on adoption rates.

Another good choice would be Monero. With infinite supply amount it is a well established cryptocurrency. It offers anonymous transactions which is very useful feature that guarantees privacy.

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