What’s Special About the Zilliqa Coin?

Zilliqa is the first blockchain to actually implement sharding from the very start. It was created in the first place as an alternative to Ethereum so as to solve its issues related to the low throughput and high transaction fees.

What is so Special About Sharding?

Sharding is a scaling solution that can be especially useful for decentralized apps in order to increase their throughput indices. It implies splitting the blockchain database into shards (i.e. parts).

The main problem associated with Bitcoin and Ethereum is that any given transaction has to be verified by all the nodes that make up the network. As these systems only grow in time, more confirmations are needed and it takes more time ad higher fees to accomplish any action.

With sharding, each transaction has to be confirmed only by the nodes that make up a selected shard. Thus, transactions are confirmed much faster with negligible fees.

What’s so Special About Zilliqa?

As I have already said above, Zilliqa was the first project in the blockchain industry that has truly implemented sharding. Ethereum has been planning to switch to this technology for ages, but it’s very difficult to make such a switch for a working system. So Zilliqa is an obvious winner here.

Also, Zilliqa’s team is really working on its project, unlike most of scam ICOs that were conducted in 2017. They have been holding top positions at OnchainFX by the number of GitHub commits during 2018 and they are still the 5th in line:

Finally, they don’t spend too much budget on marketing and still, they have managed to gather quite a strong community of supporters around them. This is a sign of a good project with high potential.

What’s Wrong with Zilliqa?

Despite all the advantages that I’ve mentioned above, Zilliqa has some flaws as well.

First, Zilliqa is pretty new and raw. Its mainnet was launched in January 2019 and there are still not enough stats to talk about the project’s success.

Second, developers who want to create dApps on Zilliqa have to study a totally new programming language Scilla.

Finally, the people who stand behind the project’s creation have little experience in programming and don’t promote their project too actively. The chances are that TRON, EOS and other Zilliqa’s rivals will gain a much bigger share of the market due to their extensive promotion efforts.

Summing Up

Zilliqa is a promising project and it has already managed to reach some of its goals. For example, the maximum TPS (transactions per second) index that they have managed to reach on the public testnet equals to 100 (it’s 5 times more than Ethereum).

However, there are already many other competitors that aim to resolve the same issues and provide powerful decentralized platforms for developers. These competitors don’t stand still and represent a good challenge for Zilliqa to overcome.



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