Does Ethereum Has More Intrinsic Value Than Bitcoin?

It is quite difficult to determine which of them has “more intrinsic value” since both of the cryptos mentioned have their own up and downsides. Still, both of the mentioned have great intrinsic value that is in the sole idea upon which the entire concept is based. Ethereum is not just digital currency, besides that, it is an amazing blockchain platform with many great features.

Ethereum’s intrinsic value is in the fact that it offers many features and it is a platform on which everyone can build their own concept. With Ethereum you can create your own programs and develop ideas. The Ethereum network offers a possibility for an individual to easily create their own smart contract. So how does it work? Once you submit the contract its execution is guaranteed by the consensus within the people on the network. That gives Ethereum great intrinsic value because, based on that feature, anyone can establish decentralized exchange, gambling with fair odds, etc. That way, Ethereum secures that if your contract is right, nobody can put it down. Also, smart contracts are much safer than traditional contracts. With Ethereum platform an individual with great idea does not need kickstarter-like websites to get funding. It can be easily done with ether – currency on which the Ethereum platform is based.

So, why is the intrinsic value of Ethereum greater than Bitcoin’s? Again, smart contracts. With Bitcoin smart contracts there are far less options available since the Bitcoin contracts are focused strictly on basic arithmetic operations and similar content. Because of that and lack of storage possibility, Bitcoin network can’t support many of the applications people could intend to develop. Nevertheless, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and it has great intrinsic value within the fact that it was the first innovation that started a wave of improvements. Upon the Bitcoin the entire crypto-community is founded. We should never forget that fact.



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