Which Altcoins Besides Bitcoin have the Best Potential to Rise?

Since the boom of the Bitcoin everyone is trying to find next big hit. It is rather difficult since the market is flooded with cryptocurrencies without any background, popularly known as “scamcoins”. Newest trend when it comes to early investing is called ICO which is shortened for Initial Coin Release. With ICO you get the chance to invest into the currencies that are still in development. Problems with those are that most of them never get to see the light of the day and even bigger part of them never gets to the market. But still, many people still invest hoping that at least one of them could become the new Bitcoin. There are many lists of most perspective ICOs with to some level in-depth analysis.

When it comes to alternative cryptocurrencies with a potential to rise in the autumn of 2017, here are some of the most perspective ones:

1. BitShares

It is an interesting concept that allows the distribution of profit and shares among the stakeholders within the decentralized companies that operate on the web. These companies are known as DAC – decentralized autonomous companies. Basically it is an open-source software upon which DACs could operate.

2. First Blood

It is a gaming platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Individuals can play different games online and compete with each other. Afterwards, winners will get prizes based on their success. Interesting part is that it is a first of its kind that will be completely public with all transactions transparent. Some claim that it is completely counterfeit resistant.

3. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

This token system is developed with purpose of distributing between publishers. It represents a great method of distributing revenues gained through advertising. It is based on Ethereum platform as well. Ethereum became very reliable and safe place for investments and it holds steady second place behind the Bitcoin.

4. Binance

It is China based exchange platform that does not operate through fiat currencies such as euros and dollars. It is focused on exchange between cryptocurrencies solely. It is safe, fast and customer oriented above everything else. It has low transaction time and also, very low transaction fees. Potential exchange volume of Binance is extraordinary putting them at the first place globally. Estimations go around 1.4 million of exchange orders each second! Binance cryptocurrency, short BNB is the basis of this exchange and those who operate on Binance and posses their cryptocurrency have many benefits.

These are only some of the interesting concept that evolved recently and it should be taken with some precaution. Still, it is important to take every new idea seriously and estimate their potential for growth through several key indicators. Such indicators are the service they offer, orientation to customer and the team behind the idea.



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