Which is the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?

There are already good answers here that gave detailed info about popular names like Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, and more. I’ve also compared Coinbase with some reputable exchanges here: Min Park’s answer to Is Coinbase a good exchange?

So, at this time I won’t stop at the pros and cons of popular exchanges. I would say that the cryptocurrency world needs a fresh product that would transform the way we trade and operate with cryptocoins.

One of these products can be the upcoming exchange and crypto-related ecosystem offered by the Open Trading Network, a cryptocurrency-oriented network that is to provide a series of services within a unified system, which will include the exchange platform, in-house cryptocurrency wallet, and the ability to tokenize any assets and trade them in an ecosystem.

The system is expected to get ready in 2018.

It seems that the developers don’t initiate an ICO, probably because of the increasingly negative sentiment around it, but release a limited number of tokens during one year.

Coinmarketcap shows OTN on the 957th place, as the ecosystem is not fully launched yet, but it will become an interesting alternative for traders and cryptocurrency market participants in general.

According to their site, OTN will launch in February 2018 its crypto wallet product that will support at least seven cryptocurrencies. In April, OTN network will release its exchange platform, which will be connected with partner brokers. Later, it will launch its multi-chain technology.

The most important thing about their exchange is that it will be based on blockchain, which means it will be decentralized, unlike Coinbase, and other similar exchanges. It means that OTN will solve the security problems – Reuters has revealed that a third of crypto exchanges and trading platforms have been hacked in the past and that 50% of these were forced to close in up to five years because of the virtual insecurity. OTN can make a difference because it will apply blockchain for keeping users’ data and keys.

Besides, the tokenization process will allow trading of multiple assets.



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